A perfect place to say “Yes”

Here you can find a perfect place to say “Yes, i accept”

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A perfect place to say “Yes”

Here you can find a perfect place to say “Yes, i accept”

In Hacienda del Conde you will find the perfect place to say “yes, I accept” in the way you always dreamed of. Its wide and colorful gardens will be witnesses of this wonderful union in which nothing will be lacking, since the company offers comprehensive care and all the necessary services to make your wedding celebration a memorable event.

Spaces and capacities

The hacienda proposes different alternatives for your party. They have three different spaces, all of them with a particular charm, which we present below:

Premium Room: with capacity for up to 1,500 people

Executive Lounge: in it they can accommodate up to 150 people

Los Mezquites Garden: perfect for celebrating a wedding surrounded by wonderful natural spaces

In summary, adding its different spaces, at Hacienda del Conde you can carry out from an intimate celebration to a large event with capacity for 2,000 guests.

Services offered

The Hacienda del Conde team wants the couple to enjoy this unique and unrepeatable day without worries. It is for this reason that its complete service includes the following aspects of your party:

Haute cuisine banquets

Garden lighting

Support service during the event

Advice on organizing your wedding

Other services

This place will be able to witness different social events, such as family reunions, XV birthdays and anniversaries, as well as business parties. For more information do not hesitate to make a request.

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