Terms of use conditions of the purchase of tickets through the website ONLINE MARKETPLACE FOR EVENT SUPPLIERS MOMENTTUNS®

The USER irrevocably accepts the following general conditions for the purchase of tickets through the MOMENTTUNS website.

First: MOMENTTUNS, is a registered trademark owned by UWOW SAS, a legal entity whose corporate purpose, for the purposes of these conditions, is the printing and marketing of tickets for events, shows, as well as the marketing of third-party products and services.

Second: the CLIENT is the user, previously registered on the website www.MOMENTTUNS.com, who agrees to have written down all the real personal information required, and is solely responsible for the information that is not real registered there. Whoever provides information or uses your ticket for falsifications or adulterations will be responsible under the terms of the Colombian penal code.

Third: The CLIENT declares to know that the realization of any event or show, for which he purchases tickets through the MOMENTTUNS system does not depend on MOMENTTUNS.COM., who is not responsible for schedules, security conditions, locations, realization, organization or content of the event; This responsibility is the responsibility of the businessman or organizer of the event, which appears with name and identification on the ticket.

Fourth: Purchases made by the MOMENTTUNS website are subject to verification and acceptance of the debit or credit card by the BANK, or financial institution, through which the customer makes the purchase, as well as verification of the data.

Fifth: The CLIENT accepts and knows that the tickets purchased have an additional cost for the use of the MOMENTTUNS website and the delivery method, these costs may vary depending on the event and the number of tickets purchased and will be paid to MOMENTTUNS.COM

Sixth: The CLIENT accepts that the event data, number of tickets, locations, value of the tickets, dates and times of the event, have been reviewed by him and the information entered into the MOMENTTUNS system is his responsibility.
Likewise, THE CLIENT accepts that:

    • MOMENTTUNS.COM is not obliged to make refunds for errors in dates, times, registered values, name of events, quality of shows, or in general causes beyond its own responsibility or that of its agents.
    • MOMENTTUNS.COM is not obliged to replace lost, damaged, broken or stolen tickets, these are the entire responsibility of the CLIENT.
    • MOMENTTUNS.COM, is not obliged to make money refunds in the event that the event must be cancelled, postponed or that it presents some modification in the conditions initially announced, if a situation of force majeure, fortuitous event is configured or if these cannot be carried out as a result of health situations and/or public calamity and/or due to contagious diseases and/or threat or fear of contagious disease.

Seventh: The client accepts that the information registered in the MOMENTTUNS system, as well as the transactions carried out, are the property of MOMENTTUNS.COM.; who is authorized to give commercial uses without affecting in any case the privacy and security of users.

Eighth: There are no changes, refunds or cancellations of ticket purchases; In case of cancellation of the event, the shipping costs and use of the MOMENTTUNS system will not be refundable.

Ninth: the CUSTOMER accepts that the tickets must be collected by the cardholder, who must show the credit or debit card with which they made the purchase and their identity document. In the event that the purchase has been made through virtual cards, they must, in addition to showing their identity document, submit a certification issued by their bank, stating the existence of the card, its ownership and the purchase made.

No powers, notices of loss of documents, complaints, criminal news or authorizations to third parties are accepted, MOMENTTUNS.COM is not responsible for the return of money for unclaimed tickets.

Tenth: Purchases made on the website www.MOMENTTUNS.com are understood to be made under the terms of Colombian legislation, in particular Law 527 of 1999; reason for which all transactions, inquiries and purchases are considered electronically signed by the user, who is bound by the legal terms in the legal business carried out.

Eleventh: Any difference arising between the parties will be settled by law applying Colombian legislation, the CLIENT undertakes to make any claim directly to MOMENTTUNS.COM., and use all alternative methods of conflict resolution.

Twelfth: In accordance with the Statute of the Consumer Law, the User may, in cases of non-contact sales, exercise the right of withdrawal within the terms and conditions of the law.

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