1. List your event and tickets

Choice your plan, create your event (product) and list your tickets

2. Get notified when tickets sell

You will be notified by email when your tickets are sold. If they are physical tickets, send them to the buyer.

3. Receive Payments

Receive payment securely via PayPal once tickets have been sold, delivered and the event has taken place


What requirements do you have for ticket sellers?

Sellers/Vendors must have a valid plan into momenttuns. To receive payment, sellers/vendors must provide a valid PayPal account.

I haven’t received my tickets yet. Can I list them?

You cannot sell tickets until you own them. If you’ve already purchased tickets but the tickets haven’t arrived yet, you will have to provide the date your tickets will arrive. You cannot sell tickets until you own them.

Does momenttuns.com charge a fee to list tickets?

You must have a valid momenttuns plan. When your tickets are sold, we take 13% off the purchase price. This is automatically deducted from your payout.

General Information

Is momenttuns.com a legitimate site?

momenttuns.com guarantees that you always receive legitimate and real tickets on time for the right event with our Buyer Guarantee. To make sure that you have the best experience while purchasing tickets, our seller/vendors are verified and our customer service team is available every day of the week.

How do I purchase tickets on your site?

Purchasing tickets on momenttuns.com is fast and very easy:

    • Search for the event you are interested in.
    • Order the tickets online.
    • You can also order tickets over the phone with one of our agents.
    • The seller will confirm that the tickets are available still.
    • When this is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that your order has been placed. The email will also include any delivery information available at the time.
    • You will receive another email when your tickets are ready to be sent to you.

Can I buy my tickets from a scalper at the venue?

Buying your tickets from an unverified seller like a scalper or someone from a classified ad is a risky way to purchase tickets. There is no way to ensure the tickets they are selling you are authentic. Once you have purchased the tickets from them, it may be impossible or difficult to contact them again if you have any problems.

With momenttuns.com, we have incredible customer service and if you have any issues, we are here to help! We screen all ticket sellers beforehand and every single ticket has a Buyer Guarantee. Your information is always secure and our agents are here to help.

Where do the tickets on momenttuns.com come from?

momenttuns.com is a ticket marketplace and does not own any of the inventory listed on the site. We are a marketplace where professional sellers/vendors list their tickets for sale. These professional sellers often get their tickets through personal relationships with teams, artists, or venues or acquired them when they went on sale to the general public via a primary seller or they are a primary seller (event vendor).

Will you share my information if I purchase from your website?

All transactions are processed by us, meaning your information is safe and secure. We never keep your credit card data. The seller/vendor will only see the information that is necessary to deliver the tickets to you, such as your shipping address or email.

Ticket marketplace details and Refunds

Is it possible to cancel my order or exchange my tickets for other tickets?

All orders and sales placed on momenttuns.com are final. This is stated in our terms and conditions, which every customer is required to agree to at the time of checkout.

This is a necessary policy because once the seller/vendor confirms the order you have placed, we are in a binding contract with the seller for those specific tickets. Sellers hold us to this contract, so we are unable to make any exceptions or changes to this rule.

We are unable to do any exchanges because the tickets on our site come from many different sellers.

If you cannot attend the event, we suggest that you try to resell your tickets to family or friends via social media or using classified ads.

Are the prices listed for a single ticket or for more than one ticket?

The price listed is for one single ticket. When you select the quantity of tickets that you would like to purchase and click the button to buy them, you will see the total for all tickets and a breakdown of the price of each ticket. Any additional service and delivery fees will also be listed on this page. All prices are final in USD.

If events are cancelled or rescheduled, do you offer any compensation?

If your event is officially cancelled, we will compensate you. We do not compensate for postponed or rescheduled events (even if there is no new date set for the event yet) because the tickets will still be valid for the new date. However, if your event is ultimately cancelled, we will then compensate you for your purchase, and you will receive an email with instructions.

The seller/vendor will need the tickets shipped back to them in order for you to receive compensation. If you have not received a notification within one month after notice of cancellation instructing you to ship your tickets back to the seller, feel free to discard them.

After placing my order, can I change my payment method?

No, you cannot change the payment method after the order has been placed.

Prices have gone down for tickets to the event I have already purchased for. Am I able to exchange my tickets and get a refund for the price difference?

momenttuns.com is on the secondary market which is a live market. This means that the ticket inventory and the prices may change frequently. We are unable to exchange tickets because we do not own the tickets on our site. They are owned by the sellers/vendors. We are not able to cancel or refund your tickets. This is also a fair policy for sellers who are also unable to cancel your ticket order if someone was willing to pay more money for them after you purchased them. By agreeing to our Sales Terms, you acknowledge our “all sales are final” policy.

Where can I find out the venue opening hours and which acts perform at what time?

We cannot provide specific information other than when the event is set to begin as we are not directly affiliated with any venues. Venue opening times and performance line-ups are always subject to change so we suggest that you check the websites of the venues and artists for up-to-date information, especially the day of.

Browsing and Placing an Order

How do I search for tickets on your site?

Follow these steps to search for tickets:

      • Use the search box in the top to search for a team, artist, band, venue, or event or click under “Premium Events” link.
      • Results will be displayed in chronological order or under “calendar”
      • Click over image to see the tickets available to each event.

Why can't I select the quantity of tickets that I need?

It is an industry standard that sellers/vendors must sell even batches of tickets in even quantities and odd batches of tickets in odd quantities. This standard exists so that sellers are never left with a single ticket. Some sellers may have set their own restrictions which may depend on other factors or delivery methods

How do I add a different set of tickets to my cart? Why won't it work?

Ticket listings for different shows, games, venues, and events must be purchased separately. This is since our inventory of tickets comes from many different sellers/vendors. Tickets vary in delivery method, types, and times, therefore they must be ordered separately.

What payment methods can I use to pay for my tickets?

If you are making your purchase online, you will also have the option to select PayPal at checkout.

Are all prices on the site listed in US Dollars?

We promote event business vendors and events over the world. For instance, we use standard money as US Dollars. There may be conversion rates that may be applied by your financial institution.

Are all prices on the site listed in US Dollars?

We promote event business vendors and events over the world. For instance, we use standard money as US Dollars. There may be conversion rates that may be applied by your financial institution.

Vendors Marketplace Information

Can i give my reviews to vendors/seller?

Yes, you can do that if you are a registered user and buyed tickets or services from them. If you review is negative, momenttuns.com check out your review.

Where to find vendor/seller information?

At momenttuns.com main page under link “Vendors” you will find a vendor directory with many options to find them.

You can find vendor information under each event/product page.

Can i contact a vendor/seller?

Yes, you have many options to do that. Usually momenttuns.com provide options under “Inquiry” links


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