Since our products are intangible and irrevocable, we do not make refunds after processing the order and sending the product. As a customer You must understand and have it in mind before buying any product / service offered on our website. As for our offers and additional services offered by our partners, you must agree directly with them the cancellation and / or refund conditions.
However, we are aware of the possible exceptional circumstances related to the nature of the product we sell.

Therefore, we make refunds in the following cases:
• Product has not been delivered: due to some problems from your email service provider or your own email server, you may not receive the product delivery email. In this case we recommend you to contact us. Claims for non-delivery of the product must be sent to our billing department within 7 days after the date of purchase. Otherwise, we consider that the product has been received and activated without problems;
• Irreparable defects: although all products are thoroughly checked before launch to the digital market, sometimes unexpected errors can occur. The refusal to provide a sufficient level of access to correct errors and solve problems may result in the rejection of the refund request. In the event that you have used the purchased subscription for at least the publication of one (1) content, the refund request is not considered eligible.
• Product does not correspond to its description: Clear evidence must be provided to show that the product purchased does not correspond to its description on the product page. Complaints that are based purely on unjustified expectations or personal wishes of the client are not accepted.
You can cancel or stop using the subscription at any time without implying a refund or a refund of the money.


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