In this article we bring you a list of countries where equal marriage is legal and would be thePerfect frame to make your destination wedding without any problem! Remember that you should always checkthe documentation requirements that each country demands.

Trends change, and the ways in which we interact have also changed, people no longer leave their feelings in the closet and the modern world has given space for their relationships to be more open and for them to opt for a legally constituted union life. Thanks to the above and the change of mentality, several countries have modified the laws to include equal marriage within the legislative agenda.In this article we bring you a list of countries where equal marriage is legal and would be the perfect framework to make your destination wedding without any problem! Remember that you should always review the documentation requirements that each country demands.Holland 2001. granted homosexual couples the right to marriage, divorce and the adoption of children.Belgium 2003. Although since 1998, the Belgian Parliament approved a series of limited rights for same-sex couples, such as de facto unions, which could be registered in civil registries.Canada 2005. In 1999, some provincial governments extended the law to same-sex couples, giving them the majority of the rights of unions of heterosexual persons, although they deferred depending on the different territories and provinces.Spain. Also in 2005, a divided Congress agreed to this measure. Hispanic law guarantees the same rights to all couples, regardless of their sexual orientation.South Africa. Since 2006. When its Supreme Court ruled that the matrimonial norms violated the equal rights that the country’s Constitution preserves. Requirement that led the country’s Parliament to legalize homosexual unions.Norway. Although it allowed civil unions between homosexual couples, it was not until 2008 that it regularized them through a decree on marriage neutrality. A year later, in January, this legislative mandate took the form of a law and gay and lesbian unions assumed adoption rights and guarantees to access artificial insemination treatments.Sweden. He followed his Scandinavian neighbor in 2009. By a large parliamentary majority. Of 261 votes in favor, 22 against and 16 abstentions.Iceland. He legalized it in 2010. The then Prime Minister, Johanna Siguroardóttir, married when the rule entered into force with her partner Jonina Leosdottir.Portugal. Also in 2010. Although its president of the time, the conservative Aníbal Cavaco Silva, appealed the measure to the Constitutional Court, whose magistrates, in April of that year, declared it adjusted to the precepts of the Magna Carta.Argentina. In 2010. He became the first Latin American nation to pass a gay marriage law. Several local jurisdictions, such as Buenos Aires, had already allowed unions between gays and lesbians and their registration in civil registries.Denmark. Queen Margarita II enacted the gay marriage law in 2012, although the Danes pioneered the registration of same-sex unions. Since 1989Uruguay. In 2013. Despite allowing civil unions since 2008 and, a year later, gay and lesbian couples obtained adoption rights.New Zealand. First country in Asia Pacific. The ocean nation enacted it in 2013, by a margin of 77 votes in favor and 44 against.France. In 2014. Proclaimed by François Hollande during his presidential stage. Although the norm had to wait to enter into force the resolution of the Constitutional Council, because it was appealed by the conservative UMP party, the Union for a Popular Movement, by Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy.Brazil. 2014. Also after a ruling from the National Justice Council a year earlier, in which he declared that same-sex couples were entitled to access marriage licenses. Before the law, 27 Brazilian territorial jurisdictions already allowed it.England and Wales 2014. First nations of the United Kingdom to pass marriage laws on gender equality. Northern Ireland and Scotland have autonomous legislative power to decide on this matter. In 2017, a Norwegian judge denied the marriage union in two cases because they were gay couples. Scotland. He homologated English and Welsh standards later this year. The measure gave decision-making power to the various churches and religious groups.Luxembourg 2015. It was promulgated by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who married a few months later with his partner Gauthier Destenay.

Finland. He approved it in 2014, but it had no legal effect until 2015. It was promulgated from a popular initiative and saw its green light by 101 votes in favor and 90 against.Ireland. First country to adopt gay marriage by popular referendum held on May 23, 2015. The result was overwhelming: 62% of the votes were in favor in a consultation attended by thousands of Irish emigrants to vote.Greenland The largest island on the planet incorporated it into its legal system. The Danish autonomous territory was not subject to assume the legalization of same-sex marriage as the Government of Copenhagen. He did it in 2015, with his own law.USA. The US Supreme Court declared homosexual marriage legal in 2015. Although only 37 of the 51 states of the Union have adopted it, in addition to the District of Columbia, it did so prior to the judicial resolution.Colombia. Fourth Latin American country to adopt it. In 2016, after several years in which he allowed homosexual civil unions.Germany. The first European power has been the fifteenth nation of the Old Continent to incorporate marriage laws to same-sex couples. In 2017. Powered by the leader of the Greens, Volker Beck, includes equal rights. Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against.Malt. In 2017 and despite the strong opposition of the Catholic Church. His Parliament gave a show of unanimous practice in favor of the rule: 66 votes in favor and one against.Australia. Also in 2017 and after a wave of social requests. “It’s a great day for Australia, a day of love, equality and respect,” proclaimed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who led the country’s destinations until August 2018.Taiwan In 2019. First Asian country, where a rejection of the rights of homosexuals has been installed. It has overcome the conservative climate in these latitudes towards the progress in civil rights of same-sex couples. The island that claims China is considered an independent, democratic and respectful territory.Ecuador. Through its Supreme Court, which ruled in June, by 5 votes in favor and 4 against equal rights of homosexual and heterosexual couples.

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